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Sec 5 CST 2020 (redirected from Sec 5 CST 2017)

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Optimization - Equation of a Line.docx

Optimization - Inequality Word Problems.docx

Optimization - Graphing a Line.docx

Optimization - Graphing an Inequality.docx

Optimization - Slope of a Line.docx

Optimization - System of Inequalities.docx

Optimization - System of Equations.docx

 Optimization - Polygon of Constraints.docx

Optimization - Optimizing a Function.docx


Systems of Inequalities Word Problems.pdf

Systems of Equations Word Problems.pdf

 Sec 5 OptimizationProblems.pdf

Sec 5 OptimizationProblemsSolns.pdf

Graph Theory - Terminology.docx  

Graph Theory - Types of Graphs.docx

Graph Theory - Chains & Cycles.docx

Graph Theory - Euler & Hamilton.docx

Graph Theory - Optimal Graphs.docx

Graph Theory- Critical path

Graph Theory - Chromatic Number.docx


Graph Theory - Paths & Circuits Work Sheet (MCS504).docx OptimizationSec 5 CST 2017

Graph Theory - Euler Assignment.pdf  


Graph Theory - Paths & Circuits Work Sheet (MCS504).pdf



CST 5 Jan Review Answers.pdf


Memory Aid Suggestion Sec 5 Mid year.pdf



Gatineau Toy Company.pdf (Sample Situational Problem) 

Practice Sit Problem Solution.pdf


Exponential Function

Financial Math - Exponential & Logarithm Extra Practice.docx

Financial Math - Exponential Function.docx

Financial Math - Logarithms.docx

Financial Math - Simple Interest.docx

Financial Math - Compounded Interest.docx




Exponent worksheet advanced(1).pdf


Exponential Growth and Decay.pdf

Geometry - Cosine Law.docx

Geometry - Equivalency Questions.pptx

Geometry - Similarity Questions.doc

Geometry - Similarity.docx

Geometry - Equivalency.docx

Geometry - Optimization of Equivalent Figures & Solids.docx




Cosine Law.pdf


Geometric Optimization - Extra Practice.pdf

Geometric Optimization - Extra Practice-solutions.pdf

Probability Lesson 1 - Terminology.pdf

Probability Lesson 2 - Venn diagrams.pdf

Probability Lesson 3 - Conditional Probability.pdf

Probability Lesson 4- Mathematical Expectation.pdf

Probability Lesson 5 Voting Procedures.pdf 

 Instructions CH5.txt

Chap5 Final Assignment.pdf


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